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Resources here are primarily files available for you to use as you see fit. Modify/update them as your requirements dictate. If the file are mine (North Lakes District, Chief Seattle Council), you may use them as you want provided you do not charge for them or publish them elsewhere (email for permission first). Other files are from the Internet or contributed by authors, copyrights are as prescribed in those documents. © Reserved by authors unless otherwise noted.

If you develop something groovy (60's), cool (70's), radical (80's), whatever (I haven't figured out the 90's or the new millennium yet), send it to the webmaster at Eaglescout.org and we'll include it here to help others. Thanks in advance!

Documents and forms you can download

Project Approval Checklist -- We distribute and use this within the North Lakes District, Chief Seattle Council to help units prepare their Scouts and as a guideline for District Eagle Project Approval teams. (Adobe Acrobat format)

Eagle Reference Form -- MS Word format form we use in our District.

Generic Eagle Reference Form -- MS Word format form with no council or district references.  Before you use this form, be sure that it is acceptable to your district and council advancement committees.  The method of collecting references is up to them, and they may not want you to use a form.

Eagle Board of Review Guide -- A four page guide we provide to all members of the Eagle BOR. (Adobe Acrobat format)

Eagle Guide -- Adobe Acrobat format of the pages by Joseph Sinniger (his website) or on this website. (MS Word format)

The Eagle Book -- A tremendous court of honor resource from the MacScouter.Com. (Adobe Acrobat format, or RTF format)

Steps to Downloading the Free Acrobat Reader

The following "Eagle Tips" series are from the SCOUTS-L mailing list. Most files are text compilations (except as noted below) of e-mail and information provided by the members of the list. NOTE: All the files have a ".doc" added to the filename. You may need to change this to a ".txt" in order for your word processor to open them.



Please direct all inquiries & submissions to the webmaster at Eaglescout.org .


Last update:  1/30/2011