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Eagle Scout Requirement 3: Earn a total of 21 merit badges (required badges are listed). List the month, day, and year the merit badge was earned.


The 12 required merit badges are: Camping; Citizenship in the Community; Citizenship in the Nation; Citizenship in the World; Communications; Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving; Environmental Science; First Aid; Cycling or Hiking or Swimming; Personal Management; Personal Fitness; Family Life.

Preplanning is a must in this area. I can't imagine how it must feel when a Scout realizes he turns 18 in two months and he needs Family Life or Personal Management, which require at least three months. Don't put yourself in that position! If you still have merit badges to complete, lay out a plan to get the toughest done first (and in time), and plan the fun ones for the last.

Note: Before you fill out this section of your application, save yourself and the people at your council office a lot of headaches by doing the following:

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Last modified 4/30/2009